Lockwell thin film ceramic insulation coating or Lockwell CHI is a new generation thin film insulation system. Lockwell CHI gets its insulation properties from a range of different additives including vacuum filled ceramic microspheres (1), silicon microspheres (2) and pigments/carrier (3,4). The additives act to slow down the transfer of energy (heat) through the coating like a cross between double-glazing and regular insulation.

Application ranges from 

Industrial Plants, Pipes, Tanks, Mineral Processing, Power Generation, Containers, Freezer Rooms, Refrigerated Trucks, Cold Storage Plants, Workshops, Pharmaceutical Facilities and Residential Roofing.


No corrosion under insulation
Reflects heat
Reduces energy loss
Excellent thermal efficiency
Slows down heat transfer

 Easy application with brush or roller
 Can be top-coated
 Compatible with any surface
 Internal or external application
 Excellent UV resistance


 Lockwell CHI is an easy to apply ceramic beaded coating designed to insulate the substrate to which it is applied. It is a high-solids, thin-film insulating coating that can be used internally or externally and non-flammable.

The combination of the ceramic beads and the distribution of sizes to fill as much of the volume as possible means that it has exceptional insulation properties. It provides both reflective and insulation performance, in a fraction of the thickness of other common insulation materials.