As a preliminary to all coating systems, a sound substrate free from internal contaminants and damage is a high priority.

With Lockwell’s composite concrete protection product line, a more stable concrete substrate with enhanced properties against rebar corrosion, efflorescence, freeze-thaw, alkali-aggregate reaction, acid and most of all moisture is achievable with three main products each uniquely designed for specific purpose of concrete advancement.


ZERO VOC content
Protects concrete from moisture
Protects rebar from corrosion
35m head pressure resistance
Penetrate deeply up to 200mm into concrete

 Strengthens concrete
 Protects untreated concrete at any age
 Increases compressive strength
 One time permanent application
 Life time protection


Lockwell WPC is a spray applied colloidal silicate product that dramatically improves durability of underlying concrete and can reduce or even stop corrosion present on the concrete.

Lockwell WPC is a high viscosity designed to permanently waterproof porous concrete.


 Lockwell CP is a low viscosity contaminant purging colloidal silicate product suitable for concrete with 0.45 and less water cement ratio.

Lockwell CP technology penetrates concrete matrix and purge out contaminants as the gel forms.


 Lockwell MWE is a concrete mix water enhancer that is increase the hydration of the cement, whilst aiding the added to the mix water before batching to workability of the concrete.

With minimal cost increase and no change to placing, finishing or curing, Lockwell MWE gives a more durable, stronger, harder (but not more brittle), less permeable concrete by reducing the surface tension of the mix water, increasing early hydration of the cement, Increasing the total hydration of the concrete and hence reducing the size and number of capillary voids. This has a significant effect on long term durability and structural performance of the concrete