All Lockwell pure polyureas are formulated from one unique A side minimizing crystallization hence saving costs and ensuring moisture free system. Lockwell polyureas are designed for a wide range of applications from industrial, commercial, construction, mineral processing and power plants that involves extensive surface coating protection from corrosion, water ingress, chemical attack, UV exposure and constant abrasion and impact stress.


Fast reaction time
Moisture and temperature insensitive
Excellent adhesion properties to most substrates
Non-toxic, 0% VOC

 High tensile strength
 High abrasion resistance
 Heat and fire retardant
 UV resistance


Lockwell P505 is specially designed for mineral processing, mining UG and bulk haulage with Industrial high wear fast return to service as a key property of P-505. Due to its unique gel time (Tack free within 5 seconds) it can be applied to vertical surfaces (overhead) with no slump or sag applied at 500 microns per pass to any desired thickness. P-505 performs well in immersion and highly abrasive environments, as well as general primary and secondary containment in many industrial sectors.


 Lockwell P515 is potable water approved AS 4020 for tanks, general waterproofing, commercial construction and infrastructure. Lockwell P-515 is formulated for maximum adhesion to most substrates with superior waterproofing benefits. Unlike many sheet or liquid membranes P-515 can withstand long term water ponding and will not deteriorate. Low permeability combats many osmotic problems associated with waterproofing and tank coatings in constant immersion.


Lockwell P530 is specially designed for mid to high gloss and smooth finishing primarily for industrial and commercial flooring. Its delayed gel time (30–45 seconds) gives time for some self-levelling and to assist with filling voids and or cavities on the surface. P-530 slower gel allows maximum adhesion to lower profiled substrates when conditions limit the ability for aggressive blasting. P-530 has an extended window for cross linking of the top coat to achieve superior adhesion.


 Lockwell P590 is specially designed for high gloss finishing with little to no orange peel or dry spray typical with fast cure polymers. It also allows for trowel work to be able to manually force material into bug holes and or flow into cavities. Lockwell P-590 is excellent for long top coat application allowing a long cross link window of up to 24 hours (weather dependent) when used in conjunction with other Lockwell thermoset plastics and polyaspartic systems.


 Lockwell UP100 is high performance, rapid curing, lower cost alternative, modified Polyurethane / Polyurea designed for use in application in most substrates that do not require the full cure properties of other specially formulated polyureas and epoxies.

Lockwell UP-100 is extremely durable, fast set thermoset polymer designed for tanking, buried and below grade applications. UP-100 is a general-purpose waterproofing elastomeric and seamless membrane that performs well in anticorrosion, roofing, tanking, steel, and concrete to include geotextile liners and many other substrates.