We offer a low viscosity epoxy-polyamine primer product line with an extensive penetrating property and enhanced adhesion for all kinds of substrates for both internal and external applications.

All primers are developed, qualified and tested to maximum compatibility with every PU and Polyurea systems we cater.


  • Extensive Penetrating Property
  • Excellent adhesion


Lockwell EP601 is an epoxy polyamine sealing primer classified into two (2) types EP601 HV and EP601 LV for concrete substrates.

EP 601 HV is 100% solids designed for porous concrete surface that has unique formulation that provides finger extension deep into the matrix to ensure maximum adhesion.

EP 601 LV is a low solvent, high solids in thixotropic paste for easy repair of bug holes and cracks.


 Lockwell EP604 is a two component carbon steel primer suitable for PU and polyurea coating.

EP 604 enhances cross linking to give excellent adhesion.

EP604 also penetrates surface rust or flash rust and crevices on steel surface thus improving adhesion of any coating to substrate.


 Lockwell EP605 inter-coat primer is a single component low solids, liquid applied aromatic urethane polymer primer.

It is designed as an intercoat adhesion primer for polyurea and PU thermoset systems as well as PA and other top coat systems when over coat windows have been exceeded.

It can be also used when repairing blisters and or defective areas ensuring maximum intercoat adhesion.