Lockwell Underground Polymers are excellent performing strata stabilization injection materials specifically formulated for mining, construction, tunnelling and geothermal applications.

The underground polymer is series of products providing ground stabilization from overly wetted strata to coal seams and fractured rock.


Lockwell UHB is a solvent free, 2-component, high strength polyurethane injection system. It is rapid setting designed as a water stop and also for ground and strata consolidation. The system contains fire retardants and is self-extinguishing.


  • A fast reacting polymer with strength and rigidity
  • Will form a rigid foam in the presence of water
  • Impermeable according to DIN 1048
  • Without water, the polymer cures to a tough, resilient solid


  • High water volume control
  • Filling and stabilizing cavities in fractured rock e.g. roadways, shafts etc
  • Consolidating other substrates such as sand and gravel
  • Concrete structure repair


Lockwell Stratum Bond is a two component (1:1 by volume) fire resistant injection system using a two-component injection pump coupled with a static in-line mixer head; based on urea silicate technology. It is designed to rapidly stabilize strata and coal by giving them structural strength and flexibility.


  • Fire resistant due to its unique silicate chemistry
  • Very fast reactivity with structural strength and resiliency
  • Suitable exothermic behavior for use in coal mines.
  • Same reaction and cured properties in dry or underwater situations
  • Penetrates cracks greater than 0.15 mm
  • Does not expand its cured volume. Does not absorb water
  • Very good adhesion to wet surfaces


  • Rapid stabilization and strengthening strata and coal
  • Rapid consolidation of other substrates such as sand, gravel, fractured road rock etc.
  • Crack repairs above and below water


Lockwell FR Bulk Filler is an economical (low density) cavity filling foam based on polyurea silicate chemistry. Its rapid foaming and flame resistance characteristics make this an ideal product to fill voids in coal seams and fractured strata.

Lockwell FR Bulk Filler can be used in wet environments where it shows good adhesion to wet surfaces and will not absorb water.


  • Rapid foaming
  • Flame resistant
  • Ideal for filling voids in coal seams, and fractured strata
  • Reasonable exothermic behavior, suitable for use in coal mines
  • Can be used in wet environments
  • Good adhesion to wet surfaces, no water absorption.
  • Utilizes Montreal Protocol compliant foaming agents


  • Filling and stabilizing cavities in coal seams
  • Filling and stabilizing cavities in fractured rock
  • Consolidating other substrates such as sand and gravel

LOCKWELL USL (Urea Structural Liner)

Lockwell USL (Urea Structural Liner) is designed specifically for the consolidation of stressed rock structures related with mining to prevent extrication of strata and the accompanying risks presented from falling ground.

In addition, Lockwell USL has also fire retardant property which can extensive be utilized to other substrates.


  • High Impact Strength
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Adheres to almost all strata surface (coal, rock, concrete)
  • Fire Retardant
  • Water based
  • Solvent Free
  • Quick stabilization results


  • Rock support in tunnels and mines
  • Suitable for lateral work and in shafts
  • Slope stabilization
  • Grouting applications
  • Soil stabilization in poor ground conditions