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JAKARTA June 03-07, 2015

Passive Fire Protection, Polyurea Protective Coating, Graco Equipment

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Lockwell Mining Polymers

High performance strata stabilization injection
materials specifically formulated for use in mining,
construction and geothermal applications.

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Charcoat Cable Coatings

One of the most economical and maintenance-free
ways to protect cables from fire in electrical equipment,
substations, cable galleries, cable spreader, control rooms
and other high density cable areas

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Lockwell Pure Polymer Coatings

High performance extremely high
bond strength with low permeability

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Charcoat Training

14th-15th Jan 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

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Melco Crown Entertainment is currently expanding its horizon with the construction of City of Dreams Manila. Located in the entertainment haven along Manila Bay area,
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Latest News

Charcoat is very proud to announce that Lockwell Systems LLC is now our Exclusive Partner in Asia for all fire protection products for Cables, Steel and Firestop products.
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About us

At Lockwell Systems, our business is providing innovative solutions and leading edge technology for our distinguished customers, distributers and applicators.
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Two-day Lockwell Charcoat & RMP Launch Training was held on Jan 14th to 15th in Lockwell office in Bangkok, Thailand. There are around 50 people coming from all over countries
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